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DoubleCheck: Empathy, Expertise, and Trust for Your Health Journey

When it comes to health, every decision matters. Every question, every doubt, every concern, these all play a pivotal role in your healthcare journey. Have you recently undergone a CT scan, Mammogram, MRI, PET scan, Ultrasound, or X-ray, and find yourself questioning the results?

Welcome to DoubleCheck, where our United States-board certified, sub-specialized radiologists are here to provide a second opinion, quickly and efficiently. No more sleepless nights, no more lingering doubts - with us, you're not just another patient, you're part of a family that cares.

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Our Promise - Clarity, Understanding, and Validation

Clarity: Medical language can feel like a foreign language. We translate medical jargon into understandable language that empowers you. Our physicians will review your case and provide a comprehensive yet concise report of your scan, what it signifies, and what steps you should consider next.


Understanding: Your feelings matter. We ensure your voice is heard, your concerns are addressed, and your experience is understood. You're more than a case number at DoubleCheck, and we strive to ensure you feel that every step of the way.


Validation: Trust is a crucial element of any healthcare journey. Your instinct has led you to seek a second opinion, and we're here to validate your feelings. Our in-depth process and commitment to your health provide a diagnosis that you can trust.


Your Path to Certainty, One Step at a Time

Step 1

Connect with Us

Begin your journey to confidence with a simple, no-obligation conversation. Complete the form below to connect with our dedicated, empathetic team for free.​

Step 2

Upload or Mail

Upload your scans to our secure, HIPAA-compliant portal. If you don't have them readily available, our team will assist you in obtaining the necessary records from your doctor or hospital. 

You always have the option to mail the CD to us rather than upload the reports and we provide you with a free shipping label to make it easy.

Step 3

Get Expert Second Opinion

Meet with one of our expert doctors virtually for an in-depth discussion about your diagnosis. We'll explain your condition, clarify your treatment options, and answer any lingering questions you may have. This isn't a hurried diagnosis - this is a thoughtful conversation that puts you at the heart of the process.

Elite US Board Certified Doctors


Your Trust Matters: Meet Our Elite Doctors

Our team comprises not just doctors, but some of the best minds in the field. Each physician at DoubleCheck has been meticulously vetted and comes with specialized training, ensuring accurate and precise diagnoses for our patients.

Our doctors have trained at top-tier institutions and bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your diagnosis. At DoubleCheck, it's not just about expertise - it's about combining that expertise with the warmth, empathy, and understanding you deserve.

DoubleCheck: An Ally for Your Healthcare Journey

Healthcare is complex, but your journey doesn't have to be. At DoubleCheck, we transform confusion into clarity, doubts into certainty, and patients into valued family members.

Your intuition led you here - a place where questions are answered, concerns are addressed, and patients are valued. Let's embark on this journey together. DoubleCheck is here, ready to walk with you every step of the way.

Contact us below to begin your journey to certainty, peace of mind, and empowered healthcare decisions.

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