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Sign up as a Radiologist on the platform made for Radiologists

We are now recruiting US and Canada-based board-certified radiologists on Double Check.


Advantages of being a radiologist on DoubleCheck:

  • New revenue source.

  • Very high reimbursement rate.

  • Example, $160 per case after fees for a medical opinion on a Head CT (HCPCS code: 70450) on Double Check compared to $28.80 by Medicare.

  • We do not have a non-compete. You can keep your current practice and provide second opinions on Double Check.

  • Flexibility, work whenever you wish.

  • Always remote.

  • Priority access to cases for early radiologists.

Doctor Examining CT Scan_edited.jpg

Step 1

Contact Us

Simply fill out the form below to get in touch with our team for free. We will help you through the simple onboarding process.​

Step 2

Get Connected

We will connect you with patients who are seeking a second opinion on their radiology scans based on your location and specialty. 

Step 3

Get Reimbursed

You will be compensated for your expert radiology opinion based on your set rate immediately after the consultation. 

Sign up as a Radiologist

Please fill out the information below in order to contact our team.

What States or Provinces are you licensed to practice medicine?

Thanks for submitting. We'll be in touch soon!

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