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Knee Pain


Connecting Knee Pain Patients with Medical Experts For Second Opinions: Fast & Affordable

Get A Second Opinion You Can Afford In Under 7 Days With DoubleCheck.

Get Your Second Opinion in 3 Steps

Step 1

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We make getting a second opinion easy.


Click the link below to get started. There, you'll find options for getting a second look at your first concern today.


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Step 2

Send or Upload Your Scans

Send us or upload your scans, and our experts will review, so they can show up prepared and ready to listen.


Don't have your scans or not sure how to get them? Our team will help you obtain the  records you need right away.


Have your images on CD? We'll send you a free shipping label so you don't have to worry about uploading them. 

Step 3

Meet With Your Medical Expert

Once done, you'll schedule your meeting. Pick the date and time you want to talk with our medical experts. Get clarification on treatment options, help understand EXACTLY what your condition is along with what's needed to manage it, and the answers to your questions.  


This is a rush-free experience. Your doctor will be patient, attentive, and listening to your concerns. Get seen, be heard, and get helped by signing up today.


Healthcare's Biggest Problem &
How We're Solving It

Healthcare has a big problem-it’s busy. It can take weeks, or even months, white- knuckling your way through knee pain, tag teaming NSAIDs and acetaminophen, and losing sleep before you see the doctor.


You are scared and in pain but….you got the appointment. At it you hoped you’d learn more about what was wrong, what’s happening with your body, and how to help it. You spent half an hour in the waiting room, then another forty-five minutes waiting in the office only for the doctor to rush in, look at a scan, tell you that you have arthritis, and pass you off to reception for your prescription.


All that anxiety and waiting got you was two minutes of bad news. You wanted care. What you got was rushed. We fixed that. Here’s how.

We Make Time to Listen To You

Your knee pain is impacting your life.


You’re scared. You want to know what's coming down the line and what it means for your life. You need more than a prescription-you need help. That’s where our doctors come in.


Our experts make time to hear your concerns, answer your questions, and give the guidance you need to keep living your best life-no matter your diagnosis. Not only that, we train our experts to explain everything in clear, plain language. That means no medical jargon, just regular talk for real solutions.


We Make It Easy To Get A Second Opinion Fast

When you need a second opinion right now-we’re here. Look, you’re losing sleep, struggling with the weight of the diagnosis, and you need help now. That’s why our team helps you get everything you need ready right away. 


When you need to get a second opinion fast, DoubleCheck can help. We offer expert medical second opinions in as fast as 3 days!

We Make Second Opinions Affordable

You're worried, what's the solution?


Hospitals rely on high costs and insurance issues to keep you from getting a second opinion. DoubleCheck doesn’t. Instead we use upfront pricing and zero hidden charges. Get an affordable second opinion with DoubleCheck, today.


With three pricing options, you can find the fit you can afford. Discover the help you need at a price that makes sense with DoubleCheck.

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Patients Trust DoubleCheck | Here's Why


We're Medical Experts

DoubleCheck knows your health matters. That’s why we vet our team to ensure your second opinion comes from a US-Board Certified medical expert with at least 10 years of experience.

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No Hidden Costs or Extra Fees

We know money matters. That’s why we use a transparent pricing model. We tell you the full cost upfront so you can make the best choice the first time.

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We Protect Your Data

Your medical information is confidential. That’s why we follow United States HIPAA laws and regulations; ensuring your information is safe with us.

Why a Second Opinion Matters

Getting bad news is scary. You trust the doctor will help. You need an expert to make you feel that things are going to be okay. That’s why we help you get a second opinion.

We’re here to let you know that things are going to be okay. That’s why our team makes signing up easy. We help you get what you need from the hospital without headaches or hassle. We connect you with experts who use a patient-focused approach to care.


Get the second opinion you need, with experts you want, at a price you can afford, right away, by clicking the link below.

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